Covid-19 Special Procedures

⚠COVID-19 Safety Policy ⚠

We are currently waiting for the Government to announce when we can return to lessons and testing, we are hoping to hear news somtime in Feb 21.


As it is not possible to comply with social distancing in a vehicle environment, we have to do everything possible to mitigate any risk.

The following safety procedures have been put in place after following guidelines from the DVSA's Examiner Standard Operating Procedures and advice from The National Associations Strategic Partnership .

What will happen when you come to a driving lesson​:

• Your car will have all it's controls and contact points sanitised between each student and windows will be kept open throughout lessons to keep air circulating.

• You will need to supply and wear a face covering.

• Hand sanitiser and gloves will be supplied by your instructor, you can choose whether you wear gloves or hand sanitiser during the lesson.

• It is advisable to wear clean clothes for your lesson, avoid short sleeves if possible, and wash your clothes as soon as you return home. Keep in mind the windows will be open and it could be draughty.

You must cancel your driving lesson (you will not be charged) and/or your driving test if:

• You or a member of your household has CoronaVirus symptoms.

• You have been told by the NHS Track and Trace Service that you've been in contact with a person that has CoronaVirus.

• You have entered or returned to the UK in the last 14 days.

Link for NHS Coronavirus advice:  Click Here




Test Information:

Theory tests will continue from: TBA


There are a number of changes to the test procedure during Covid-19 and all are listed in the following official links:

For Theory Test Information: Click Here


For Driving Test Information: Click Here

Important advice on face coverings:

Wearing a face covering for your driving test is MANDATORY, no face covering, no test.

So it is important that you get used to wearing one during your lessons.

It is advisable before your first lesson, to find a face covering that you will be comfortable with for the duration of your lesson and experiment at home with different types, there are reports of spectacle wearers having issues with glasses steaming up, so find something that works for you.

Link to government advice on face coverings:  Click Here


Lesson payments:

To reduce the amount of contact during payment, cash will still be accepted but no change will be available so have the correct amount. Normal credit/debit card transactions will still be accepted but contactless methods are preferred.

The normal contactless card payments limit is too low for lesson fees.

I would encourage students to use ApplePay or Google/Android Pay if you are not already doing so, these are contactless and have no limits.

Bank Transfer is also available but must be paid by 7:30 am on the day of your lesson.

I will send you bank details on request if you would like to use this method.

If you have any concerns or questions about any of the advice and procedures, do not hesitate to contact me by text. 07764606293

Looking forward to seeing you all on your next lesson. Mario Reynolds   07764606293



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